Chintamani Alchemistry is an Individual traveling creative artisan project based on Bali and in Goa. 
It was started in 2008. 
Chintamani means an Alchemic Stone - crystal which makes the most incredible and only pure spiritual dreams come true. Reality of Satia Yuga. It means transformation of inner world to outer clarity and back. 
Chintamani Alchemistry – is a pure vegetarian, made mostly from natural fabrics - linen and cotton, hand decorated wear and jewelry and footwear in a mix of Boho, Goa and Tribal styles. 
Also Chintamani is a collection of hand printed shamanic symbols wear that we do in capsule collections of very limited editions. 
In our creativity we are inspired with the Idea of making change that we want to see in the World, Eco fashion and wearable art concept. 
Our workshops are based in Goa and on Bali - places that are known to be a portals of power and spirituality, deep religious culture and beautiful wild nature. 
We Love to connect freedom of creativity and a clear vision of Asia with a vibe of modern cities that are so much separated from the natural human roots. Cooperation of this two polar styles of living brings to reality our Chintamani prices of Art.   
Polina Chintamani"