October 19, 2017



As a girl growing up in England of Irish parents I connect with the ethos of this brand. I too grew up watching my mother knit and sew and was taught at a very young age the art of this craft. I have many happy memories in Ireland watching craftsmen and women and believe this is where my love and respect of the artisan started or maybe its just in my blood.....

I am excited to bring you this collection from a brand I love.

Irelands Eye Knitwear started out, it was very much a family business – and that’s even more true today! To date, no less than a grandfather, father, mother, three brothers, two sisters and eight grandchildren have been involved with the company.

Over the course of the past forty years, this native Dublin family has worked tirelessly to develop the company into a leading international knitwear brand – aided and abetted by a talented and committed workforce many of whom have been with the company in excess of twenty years.

Inspired by the windswept coastline of Ireland…

It’s fair to say that knitwear is in their blood. Some of their earliest memories are of their father knitting chunky sweaters in the garage of their home in Dublin. His inspiration came from the need to wrap up against the elements, the chill coastal winds whipping Irelands Eye and the nearby fishing village of Howth where the fishermen bring their catch ashore.

It’s little wonder, then, that the current generation of O’Sullivans chose to combine this inherited passion for knitwear with their livelihood, creating a brand that’s now sold in over 20 countries around the world.

Family Values…

They inherited a very strong sense of how their business should be run, including a preference for using natural yarns that are simply nicer to wear.

They believe strongly in the need to invest in design and consistently produce garments that manage to combine a sense of the classic Irish sweater with a contemporary look that is equally at home in an Irish pub, a chic Parisian Boulevard or a New York streetscape.

Their vision has always been that an Irelands Eye sweater should be a cocoon of warmth to shield you from the elements and that a garment is worth nothing if it is not supremely comfortable - just as comfortable at the end of a long day as at the start of a great night out - a perfect fusion of style and functionality.

To date this has remained the company’s ethos.





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