B2 are handmade creations of the greek designer Vaso Moumpagiatzoglou. They are designed and produced in Greece and has a strong identity in fashion and street couture providing a breath of fresh air to the standard tee.
The designer is inspired by the perennial chasing between male & female, risks by using humour playing with the intricacies of female vanity and balance between kitsch and extreme.
she uses pure,unique and diverse high quality materials, like Swarovski stones, creating one by one hand painted art. The combination of the above in each creation produces an interesting subject which without doubt gives a message, verging on the boundary of artistic.
Born in Istanbul, working in Athens and dressing daring women all over the world since 2000 easy to wear but extravagant pieces
that will make you stand out.
Beyond street fashion and couture, B2 offers bold choices that teeter with grace on the edge that separates punkish do it yourself freshness and girlish dress up at its most glittery extreme.
Ripped t shirts with provocative slogans, diamante encrustation bursting swarms of toys, luscious silk flowers, weird badges, clashing colours & textures and layers of sumptuous patterns.
B2 collections are a psychedelic mood elevator for a planet that needs dreams & playfulness more than ever.


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